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What to Do If Guys Don’t Like You

f you are a woman who is having a hard time with trying to find men then the odds are very good you might be doing beautiful mink lashes that is clearly turning them off from you. You have to think about the reasons why guys might not like you. This is needed so you might have a better chance with actually improving yourself so guys will be more interested in you after a while.Crsor

beautiful  mink lashes
beautiful mink lashes

First, you have to start by being a little less conscious about your appearance. Many men who don’t like you often say this because they feel you might be taking too long with getting ready for going beautiful mink lashes. Women who spend too much time preparing themselves for events are ones that just suck out the time from a man’s life.

You have to focus on conserving your time and focusing more on being with a man while avoiding the need to get yourself prepared with too many extracurricular beautiful mink lashes. This is a necessity so you might have an easier time with keeping your body running right.

Also, you need to concentrate on how you look when you smile. You need to smile with your eyes crinkling a bit. Men often don’t like women who look too serious when they are trying to look happy. A woman whose eyes crinkle a bit will be more likely to be someone who is easier to trust in.

You may also want to take a look at how your waist is arranged. You might want to focus on losing fat and weight around the waist so you can get your hips to become a little more defined. Guys often don’t like women who don’t have their hips defined because these women tend to have unappealing shapes. Also, a woman who has a good hourglass figure might be more fertile. That is something that might work for your needs for attracting men.

You also need to think about what’s fake around your body. Sometimes guys don’t like women who have too many fake things around their bodies. These include fake hair extensions, beautiful mink lashes and other stuff. Guys won’t like you if you have too many fake things because it suggests to them that you are a high-maintenance person. This is one of the last things that a man is going to want out of a woman in particular.

beautiful  mink lashes
beautiful mink lashes

Finally, you need to think about how men might not like you if your eyes look unusual. Men just don’t like to be distracted by eyes that look too unappealing. You can use a more controlled approach to eye makeup to keep this from being a hassle so a man won’t be likely to feel bothered by your beautiful mink lashes.


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